Photo Slideshow: Tango in Argentina

Photographer Bob Krist treats us to a slideshow of tango photos taken while on assignment for the magazine in Buenos Aires. He tells us about the shoot:

I was planning on doing a “little” tango photography as part of the assignment, but I quickly got hooked on shooting it…in the street, in the milongas (neighborhood tango clubs) and the theatrical shows.

This obsession involved a lot of getting up at midnight and staying out till 4 a.m., and then having to go out the next morning to shoot the “regular” parts of the assignment. I was exhausted, but I just loved watching (and photographing) the Portenos doing their thing.

Learning how to tango is now on my bucket list….although the world might be a better place if I just stuck to shooting it and not necessarily doing it!

Thanks to Bob for his slideshow. See more of his images here, and read the story in the March issue of Traveler here.


  1. Word Travels
    April 23, 2010, 9:43 am

    Such great photos! Love Argentina!