Nomading Film Festival: Win a Trip to India!

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Looking for a venue in which to share your travel adventures with the world? The Nomading Film Festival is currently accepting submissions. The inaugural festival, aimed at travelers who film, not filmmakers who travel, was founded by four friends determined to create a venue where “entertaining, educating, beautiful, and authentic” experiences could be shared, acknowledged and awarded. If that’s not enticing enough, the grand prize is a trip for two to India.

During the festival, an audience will judge along these five categories:

1. The trip I wish I was on
2. The trip I’m glad I wasn’t on
3. The nomad(s) I want to travel with
4. The most enlightening trip
5. Simply put, that trip makes me want to travel, now! Bravo! Bellisimo! Encore!

You don’t need fancy equipment to win. Whether shot on a 3-D camera or an iPhone, Nomad wants you to share your travel story. Submissions can be any length up to 15 minutes and can focus on any subject as long as its an “authentic, non-fictional travel experience.” Entries cost just $10 and will be accepted now through April 30th.

The Nomading Film Festival will take place on June 18, 2011, at Hostelling International – NYC, the largest hostel in North America. So as the NoFF boys encourage, get out of your comfort zone and get the camera rolling!

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