The Radar: Reykjavik for Foodies, (Almost) Secret Sights in India, Things We Learn from Travel

  • Puffin, fermented shark, and potato wine are all considered delicacies in Iceland. Check out these spots if you want to grab an outside-the-box bite in Reykjavik. [Velvet Escape]
  • India is a popular place for travelers, but visitors rarely venture outside of the “Golden Triangle.” Take a look at 8 places you won’t see on a traditional itinerary. [BootsnAll]
  • Aren’t there always insider travel tips you wished you’d learned before you took the trip? Read one jet setter’s list of lessons learned. [LandLopers]

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Photo: Tom Hyde/My Shot


  1. Martin
    London, UK
    February 13, 2012, 4:05 pm

    Reykjavik as well as the entire south-west of Iceland is simply stunning! What an awesome place…
    A few impressions of a recent journey: