The Radar: Zurich on a Dime, Best Local Food Festivals, Hiring an In-Flight Nanny

  • Worm truffles? Chocolate-coated Huhu beetles? Check out this top-10 list of festivals dedicated to celebrating local flavor around the world. [Boots ‘n All]
  • Flying with kids has its challenges, there’s no doubt about that. But what if you could hire a nanny to entertain your children at 30,000 feet? Learn how. [ABC News]

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  1. Julia
    April 28, 2012, 7:48 pm

    Having spent many summers in zurich, I would advise going to a grocery store like migro or coop and making a picnic. It is cheap and all the locals do it. Beer, wine, meat, cheese, and fruit is just as good and the selection is extensive.