Travel Intelligence: What to Wear, Where

Here are tips from the experts on how to dress for success in three very different landscapes.

Photograph by Siddharth Bhatia, My Shot

The African Safari-goer (by Steve Boyes, National Geographic Expeditions Africa expert)

  • Good chemistry: New insect-repellent fabrics last for 70 washes but can be uncomfortable; opt for whatever makes you most comfortable.
  • How low can you go: Power at safari camps is spotty. Carry a flashlight and low-light binoculars.
  • Do: Bring a hat (wide-brimmed for walking/boating, baseball cap for game drives).
  • Don’t: Wear whites or brights, which can both attract and scare wildlife.
Photograph by Peter Wallace, My Shot

The Urban Culture Vulture (by Tim Jepson, National Geographic Traveler Italy guidebook author)

  • Does not compute: Bulky in the city is not a good look — leave the laptop at home.
  • Clothes call: Pack a lightweight rain pullover that can slip into a pocket or purse.
  • Do: Bring a pair of foam earplugs. Towns and cities can be noisy at night, from church bells and motorbikes to carousers.
  • Don’t: Carry a conspicuous foldout map. Instead, make photocopies of detailed street maps.
Photograph by Eldy Roy Espina, My Shot

The Rocky Mountain Hiker (by Boyd Matson, National Geographic Weekend radio host)

  • Think in Threes: Pile on a base layer (form-fitting, fast-drying), warming layer (sweater, fleece), and light shell (wind/rain jacket).
  • Stick in the mud: A collapsible hiking pole buoys stamina.
  • Do: Bring convertible zip-off pants.
  • Don’t: Wear denim.
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